Freedom Hill Horse Rescue's

Board of Directors

President & Executive Director


Kristy Alvarez

Kristy Alvarez has loved horses ever since she can remember. She still feels like that horse crazy girl from years ago that always thought about horses, but now those thoughts come with a strong purpose. Her desire is to help rescued and unwanted horses in any way that she can and in return utilize those horses to help people find hope, strength and healing in their lives.

Kristy, along with her husband, Daniel, founded Desire Ministries in 2006, a non-profit charitable organization where people help horses and horses help people through various Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy programs. She is eager to combine the mission of these two wonderful organizations into one strong force in the community and horse industry.

Kristy is certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association to conduct Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. She is also certified by the Certified Horsemanship Association as a horseback riding instructor. Kristy is a former private school teacher, a mentor, a horse enthusiast, a member of the Maryland Horse Council and Parelli Natural Horsemanship, and has been a participant on the National Capital Adult Equestrian League.

Kristy is eager to use her passion, skills, determination and abilities to help horses that are in need and to help people that are in need through the educational and equine assisted programs. She wants to empower people through horsemaship and enrich the lives of others all through the wonderful world of horses. She is the proud owner of Occhi, who came from FHHR. She is honored to be a part of FHHR so that horses can be "free to live again"!

Vice President, Volunteer Coordinator & Treasurer

lugrvesmtnLori Harrington

Lori has been a Calvert County resident since 1986, originally from New York.  She has over 30 years of experience as a bookkeeper for small businesses.  Presently, she is an independent bookkeeper for two dental offices, a construction company, an auto shop and a small farm as well as volunteer accountant for Freedom Hill Horse Rescue.

Her previous experience includes 4 years in federal government in personnel department of the Agency of International Development (AID), State Department and 10 years as a production budget manager for a Washington DC based video production company.

She's served as Vice President and Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Freedom Hill Horse Rescue since 2004 and has gone to Capitol Hill and Annapolis, MD for anti-slaughter legislation support and Maryland Horse Industry Board meetings.  She is married, has two grown children, two dogs, two cats and a 18 year old chestnut gelding, Talutah (Lu).

She enjoys trail riding, spending time with her children and animals, sewing, going to the beach and watching movies.

She is a former Girl Scout Leader (8 years), a Parelli Savvy Club Member and a member of the Unwanted Horse Project with the Maryland Horse Council.

Lori's passion, dedication and heart for Freedom Hill Horse Rescue drives her in all that she does. She eats, sleeps and breathes FHHR which makes her a vital part in why FHHR is all that it is today.


Training Team Manager


Terry Pennington

Terry Pennington has been involved with horses since high school where she was a member of a Boy Scout Explorer Post that ran a petting barn in upstate NY. The petting barn was used to educate the public about farm animals. The animals who resided at the petting barn were sometimes elderly or unwanted. She learned to ride while volunteering at the petting barn. Terry also rode on the equestrian team while in college at Oswego State University.

After moving to Maryland, she didn’t interact much with horses until 2004 when a coworker talked her into taking riding lessons at Merrymount. She then joined Merrymount’s National Capital Adult Equitation League team and competed with them for 5 seasons.

Terry was a big sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program where she and her “little”, who is now grown up, participated in Dr. Molesworth’s Hooves4Hope program that taught disadvantaged youth to ride.

Shortly after she adopted her horse, Star, from Lori Harrington, Terry began volunteering for Freedom Hill Horse Rescue.

In her free time, Terry likes to trail ride, play ultimate Frisbee, hike, and camp. Terry's enthusiasm and eagerness to help the rescue horses become more suitable for adoption drive her to make our Training Team the best that it can be. She is always working on ways to better the team through education and exposure to many aspects of horsemanship development.


Development Coordinator

Jen-photo2aJennifer Purcell

During junior high and high school, Jennifer was a volunteer trail guide and summer camp counselor at a riding stable in Florida. When she left for college, she assumed her time at the barn would be over, but she never stopped dreaming of one day working with horses again. Twenty three years later, including 6 years in New York City, Jennifer and her family moved to Calvert County and discovered Freedom Hill. As a former faculty member in higher education, Jennifer brings experience in grant writing and educational development. She works with our Vice President to prepare the FHHR grant applications and look for new funding opportunities. Jennifer also has a creative side and enjoys developing promotional materials and taking photos at all FHHR events. She works directly with the horses several times a week and fills in for feed shifts when needed. Jennifer says she is thrilled to be a part of the team and that she has learned (and re-learned) a tremendous amount about horsemanship since becoming involved. Jennifer is a hard worker, driven, dedicated and passionate. She continually goes above and beyond and strives to do everything in her power to help FHHR be a continual success. We are so glad that Jennifer has joined our team! Jennifer is also a Horse Angel Network Sponsor for Honey! 

Adoptions Coordinator

02 Station22-23bSusan Shifflett

As a lifelong resident of Calvert County, Susan brings area knowledge to the rescue. Susan is employed with Calvert County schools and spends her spare time caring for her horse, Star, whom she adopted as a foal from Freedom Hill Horse Rescue in 2007. Susan enjoys trail riding and spending time with her grandchildren.

Susan loves the rescue and the horses we help. She enjoys her time as Adoption's Coordinator calling references, setting up meetings with potential adopters, and ensuring that the horses we help are going to a home that is a great match for the horse and the adopter.

Susan is so pleased to be a part in helping the horses in our care find their forever home. The time, effort and dedication that Susan gives to the rescue time and time again makes her an essential part of our team. We are truly blessed to have Susan as a part of our team!


24922 1445166492893 2453025 nTammy Sommer

Tammy does a lot of the administrative work for the rescue. Her organizational skills and planning skills make her a tremendous asset to the team, and she helps to keep the Fundraiser Committee on track with promoting, planning, executing and tracking of all of the events that we have each year to help support the rescue.  She keeps all of our intake records, adoption records and health records up to date and in order. Tammy also keeps track of our promotional records to ensure quality control in our marketing department.

Although she is new to the horse world, she is enjoying learning about horses and loves experiencing the joy that they bring just by being around them. We are so thankful that we have Tammy on our team to keep all of our important information up to date and in order!


Adoption's Assistant


2013-09-10 Badgers (2)a

Heidi May

Heidi initially started coming to FHHR so that her daughter could be a part of our Training Team. It didn’t take long before Heidi started to jump into volunteer for the rescue too. She also adopted Princess, now known as Rainy, from FHHR! Heidi is a tremendous help to FHHR and cares deeply about the rescue. She is now our Adoption's Assistant where she assists us with various aspects of Adoptions as well as other aspects of the organization. Heidi takes on regular feed shifts at the barns, and she willingly fills in for others when they need their feed shifts covered. She always participates in as many FHHR events and activities as possible, and she is always recruiting others to join our team. She is also a great voice for our horses and is always telling people about the wonderful horses we have for adoption. Heidi is eager to lend a helping hand whenever she is available. Her personality and dedication to FHHR makes it a joy to have her on our team. Heidi and her daughter are super volunteers, and we are so thankful that Heidi is willing to go the extra mile to help FHHR and our horses!


Barn Managers


Kelly Norton

Kelly has been a tremendous asset to FHHR for over 3 years now. She is the Barn Manager at our Grover’s Turn Barn and continually goes the extra mile to ensure that the horses are getting the best care that they deserve. Kelly said, “I have always loved animals, used to ride when I was younger and have followed several stories in the local paper about FHHR. I looked FHHR up on the web and contacted Mel. One day that Lori called and said we had 6 new rescues coming in from a farm in New Jersey and asked if I would be available to help. When I saw the horses, big beautiful Mickey Blue, Tika, Nesbitt, etc., reduced to nothing but skin and bones, it made me want to cry, and I was hooked. These horses were emaciated, they had been eating tree bark, no water and not a blade of grass at their former home. They were defeated. I wasn't sure Tika would make it. She looked so awful leaning against the fence to hold up her weight. Blue just stood quietly while I bathed him. He was just a gentle giant. It was a long tedious process to restore their health and spirit. Some have been adopted and to look at Mickey Blue today, it is hard to imagine how broken he was when he came to Freedom Hill...Since then there have been many others to come into our care and more sad stories that have been turned around into happy endings for our horses”.

“My favorite thing about volunteering with Freedom Hill is seeing the horses healthy, healed, and treated with the respect they so deserve. This is an organization of dedicated volunteers who work together to achieve a common goal, and there is no greater reward than to see how our efforts can change the lives of our horses- many of whom had faced a very bleak future.”

Michelle TrottTrottBlue05-4x6s

Michelle is the Barn Manager at our Hampton Barn. Michelle is a kind, caring, and passionate soul that is full of love for horses! She is new to the horse world, but as soon as she joined us jumped right in and began to grow and learn. She has enhanced her horsemanship skills and knowledge by leaps and bounds. Michelle is eager to learn more and more about the horse world and grow into a better horsewoman every day.

Michelle continually goes the extra mile and works hard to keep Hampton looking in top notch order and getting the horses all that they need to be happy, healthy and content during their time with us.

Michelle is also a Horse Angel Network Sponsor for Mickey Blue who she one day hopes to adopt as her own! We are so grateful to have Michelle in our lives and on our team!



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Eric Viland

Eric is the Barn Manager at our Lord Baltimore Barn, as well as, our Facilities Assistant. Eric has been with the rescue for several years, and has been a huge help to us. Eric's dedication, work

ethics, kind-hearted personality and eagerness to lend a helping hand in any way that he can makes him a tremendous asset to the FHHR team and family! Eric participates in weekly feed shifts and attends as many of our events as he can along with his loving family. Eric assists us in any way that he can, and he goes above and beyond to ensure that the horses are getting the best quality care and the barns are in tip top shape. We are so lucky to have Eric with us, and we can not thank him enough for all he does for FHHR and the horses in our care. He is a great example to his children by giving back to the community and striving to make a difference in the lives of horses in need!