Who We Are

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mission statement

The Freedom Hill Horse Rescue (FHHR) mission is to rescue horses from neglect, abuse, abandonment, and slaughter; to improve their lives by providing a safe haven for healing and rehabilitation; to find new homes through a rigorous adoption process; and to educate the community through educational and equine-assisted programs.  The mission drives all of our work and we take pride in giving horses a chance to be Free to Live Again.

our goals

  • to help horses that come from unfortunate circumstances be "Free to Live Again!" through rescue, rehabilitation, re-training and re-homimg.
  • to restore respectful horsemanship, humane treatment and the heritage of the horse.
  • to educate communities about horses, horse rescue, horsemanship and the proper care and treatment of horses.
  • to give the horses the best quality care while they are with us.
  • to help horse owners in need by providing them a place to turn to when they need help.181207 10150913252804699 251049817 n
  • to empower our volunteers by training them and educating them about horse psychology & behavior and proper horse handling.
  • to follow the philosophy, principles and techniques of various "natural horsemanship" practitioners with the horses that come through the rescue because we believe it is the best way to become a better horse person and establish trust, leadership and respect with our four-legged friends in a way that they understand.
  • to mentor children and youth through the world of horses.
  • to enrich the lives of individuals, children, youth, familes and groups through our programs.

what we do

At Freedom Hill Horse Rescue we help rescued and unwanted horses in any way that we can. We help horses be "Free to Live Again" through rescue, rehabilitaion, retraining and rehoming. We strive to help horse owners in Maryland that need a helping hand and bridge the gap so that they have a place to turn to for help.

While the horses are with us, we are dedicated to giving them the best quality care, treatment, training, and exposure so that they have a greater chance at being adopted and finding their forever home.

535230 10150683497399699 1770155994 nSome of the horses that come through the rescue remain at the rescue as a part of our team to help individuals, youth, children, families and groups through our educational and equine assisted programs.

We also utilize the horses to help people through a variety of educational and equine assisted programs: Equine Assisted Mentoring and Equine Assisted Growth & Learning. We offer various horsemanship training through clinics and demonstrations.

Our programs are engaging, active and effective. We work with individuals, families and groups of all ages, and we help them find meaningful, lasting solutions for any problem. All work with the horses is done on the ground. We work with people so that they can successfully reach their goals.

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(PHOTOS BY: Pamela Hill)