The Issues
  • Owner Surrender:  When owners can no longer care for their horses where do they go? The answers are all over this site. We bridge the gap so that horse owners are left with a solution to their problem and do not have to resort to bringing their horse to an auction or sell to a broker where their fate is still unknown.
  • Seizure: Some individuals are not suitable to be horse owners because they abuse and neglect the horses that are in their care, or they are not knowledgeable enough to care for the horses properly and the horses begin to suffer in great ways . Many times animal control will step in and seize the horses from the owners then we will step in, and other times we will be notified of some of these horrific situations and we will either purchase the horses from the horse owners or ask them to surrender the horses to us.
  • Slaughter Industry: Horsemeat is bought overseas for human consumption-- considered a delicacy --  which encourages the slaughter of  thousands upon thousands of horses each year. Horses are shipped across US borders to Mexico and Canada to meet a brutal end. The inhumane treatment of the horses during transport and while at the slaughter plants are a discrace to the human race. Click HERE to learn more about this industry.
  • Nurse Mare Foals:  Expensive brood mares do not nurse their own foals -- a nurse mare does so the brood mare can be put back into the show ring or go back to the race track. But what happens to the nurse mare's own foal? It is usually tossed aside and left to face an unfortunate fate. Click HERE to learn more about this industry.
  • PMU Industry: Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) provides hormones in medicine. In order to continue the production of these certain medications, the mares must continue to be pregnant. What happens to the foals so that they will become pregnant again more quickly? The foal is cast off and left without its mother to care for them. Click HERE to learn more about this industry.


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                      PHOTO BY: Pamela Hill