Educational Programs

come and learn with us!

Do you want to learn about horses? Do you want to develop your horsemanship skills? Do you want to grow and enhance your knowledge as a horseperson? We can help! We offer horsemanship training through clinics and demontrations. We strive to connect individuals to horses in a safe, positive and natural way. We follow natural horsemanship philosophy, principles and techniques in all of our instruction as we beleive that this is the best way to make the human-horse experience an exceptional one. We believe that you need to gain trust, leadership and respect with your equine partner, and treat the horses with love, kindness, and respect at all times. We also believe that we need to communicate with the horses in a way in which they will better understand what we are asking of them. We are always striving to enhance our knowledge and grow so that we can continue to share our knowledge with others and help them learn and grow.

We welcome individuals, school groups, clubs and others to join us so that you can learn about the wonderful world of horses!

If you are looking for horseback riding lessons as well, we highly recommend that you contact Crandell's Horse Works at 410.533.8818. They offer one hour private sessions.

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                            PHOTO BY: Lori Harrington, Vice President & Treasurer


*We are certified by the Certified Horsemanship Association.