Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue was established in the Spring of 2004 to support the local horse community and its horses from many unfortunate situations.

The rescue was initially created to help support foals who were victims of the PMU industry. As I did more research into this medical disaster, it became apparent that horse slaughter made it easy to dispose of the cast-off foals delivered from the mares used to produce urine for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

A Letter from our Founder:

​​​Several months later, I found myself lobbying on Capital Hill to support anti-slaughter legislation. Over the past several years, I am happy to say that I have seen the closing of the remaining two horse slaughter plants in the United States and over 100 PMU farms in the US and Canada! This was done through the efforts of the many thousands of proactive horse advocates across the United States.

Now that these plants and farms are closed, diligence is due to keep them that way. Public education is vital. Our youth need to be aware of the many topics that are important to our horses. They need to understand the horrors horses go through when sent to auction. They must learn to be proactive to keep our equines safe.

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue strives to educate the community and provide a safe haven for needy horses. We do this with the support of community volunteers. Together we have supported and found homes for over 200 horses!

The rescue has huge expenses that must be covered through donations, grants, adoption fees, programs, and fundraising efforts. Through the generosity of our supporters, we manage to keep our heads above water. Between vet, farrier, and equine dental bills; hay, supplement, and feed bills; and all of the other expenses to give the horses the best quality care, we live paycheck to paycheck. We are thankful for every dollar that comes our way.

As the Founder of Freedom Hill, I believe this is a divine project. Many miracles happen every day to allow this rescue to support our family of adopters, volunteers, financial supporters, and equine residents.

My hope is that as you browse through this website, you will learn about our residents and the many topics that affect the lives of horses in need. I also hope we can give you the information YOU need to make a stand, support our rescue, participate in our programs, and give America's horses a voice so they can be "Free To Live Again!"

Melody Trecartin 
Founder, Freedom Hill Horse Rescue