Freedom Hill Horse Rescue


Sissy is a lovely dark bay Quarter horse 15hh, and was born in 1998.  She has english pleasure background and is a very nice ride.  She is sweet and loves attention and loves to snuggle.  Sissy has Cushings but it is managed with daily medication.  Sissy already has an on-site foster agreement with a family that loves her very much!

On Site Foster - Davis Family



Itty Bit  is a very handsome, stocky, 14 year old - 14.3hh Registered Appaloosa, formerly trained and shown in reining and then a trail horse.  Quirky fun personality, a really willing to please kind of boy!  And he enjoys the snuggles too!

Itty had a neurological event last year (possible mini stroke or virus) that he was treated for and has recovered quite well. He does still have partial sight in his right eye and some paralysis in his lower lip but that doesn't stop him from anything!  He was great for groundwork to rebuild his muscles over the past few months and is now being ridden (goes western or english) and doing very well. Groundwork and riding videos available upon request.  Email us at

Adoption Fee - $350                 ADOPTION PENDING in November!

                    (Itty is currently on an off-site foster with intent to adopt)

Adoption Fee - $350

Adoptable Horses

These horses are looking for their forever home. Once they find the perfect match, spaces will open up for more horses to live at the rescue.  If you are interested in meeting a specific horse, please contact us at 

Note: Our horses will only be adopted out within an approximate 60 mile radius of Dunkirk, MD. Horses are herd animals and need their own kind to live with.  Horses will not be adopted out to homes where they will be an only horse unless stated.