Freedom Hill Horse Rescue


Adoption Fee - $500

El Dorado

El Dorado was born in 2008. He is a 14.3 hands high, black Mustang gelding. Read on to see who El Dorado needs as his perfect human... 

I need someone that will take me for little trail rides with friends, I really prefer to have company to go on adventures. I enjoy walking and trotting with breaks to enjoy the scenery. I don’t mind little logs and obstacles, and hoping my human enjoys the same since I am 16 years old. Every so often, I offer a few strides of canter for my friend Brittany that  has been riding and training me. I am happy to do light ring work if for some reason my future human likes to ride in circles. I am currently on a weight loss plan and need to live on dry lot since I’m an easy keeper. I love other horses so much and tend to become herd bound, so I need a human that is patient and will keep me safe, since I'm a bit claustrophobic… I heard a human use this word once, but who knows. I don’t love being locked in a stall, and I don’t like being left alone in a field without my friends or I might just need to go find them and join in with their adventures even if I was not invited. I am a cool, stocky, comfortable Mustang and want to find the perfect human for me.

P.S. I love treats! 

El Dorado is currently off-site. Please email us at to schedule a time to meet him.

Nora was born in 2013. She is a dark bay, Thoroughbred mare. She just arrived at FHHR in April 2024 and is being worked with by our volunteers. Nora must put on quite a few pounds before being placed under saddle and trained for her future owner. We hope that she will be up for adoption by the end of 2024! Check back soon for updates on Nora's training and rehabilitation at FHHR. 

Nora does not have a Horse Angel Sponsor or Foster at this time. If you'd like to be her Sponsor or Foster, please email us at You can also check out the Sponsor/Foster pages under the "How to Help" tab. 

Nora (soon to be adoptable)

Sissy was born in 1998 and is a Quarter Horse mare standing at 15.1 hands high. Due to health reasons, Sissy's long-time owners made the difficult decision to surrender her to FHHR. Sissy is currently being treated for Cushing's Disease. She has mainly been ridden English-style and as a trail horse. She is also a bit of a talker! Sissy is currently being worked with and will not be available for adoption until our Horsemanship Team has had the chance to work with her and refresh her training. 

On Site Foster - Davis Family



Adoption Fee - $350

Adoptable Horses

These horses are looking for their forever home. Once they find the perfect match, spaces will open up for more horses to live at the rescue.  If you are interested in meeting a specific horse, please contact us at 

Note: Our horses will only be adopted out within an approximate 60 mile radius of Dunkirk, MD. Horses are herd animals and need their own kind to live with.  Horses will not be adopted out to homes where they will be an only horse unless stated.