Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Do you want to help a horse in need without the commitment of being an owner? Become an approved foster home for one or more of our horses. We are always looking for individuals with horse experience that can foster one or more of our horses for us. When you foster a horse, you are not only helping the horse you are fostering, but you are also helping another horse who is able to come into the rescue with that open spot. You are also helping us financially by covering all of the day to day expenses of the horse(s) you are being a foster for. As a foster home, you will need apply for the horse you would like to foster and you will need to give us monthly updates so that we know how the horse is doing. You will also have to be willing to allow potential adopters to come to your home to visit so that we can find the fostered horse his or her forever home.

Contact us at to schedule a time to visit our equine residents so that you can see if we have what you are looking for in your equine partner.  We do not just want to find new homes for our horses, we strive to find the right homes for our horses. We do all that we can to make sure the horse and potential adopter are a suitable match for each other so that there is a much greater chance that the horses will remain with their adopter and not have to come back to the rescue.

Step 1: Inquire about the horse you are interested in adopting

Step 2: Schedule an appointment to come visit

Step 3: After you visit and if you think you met your new horse, schedule your next appointment 

Step 4*: After your second visit and you believe this is the horse for you to adopt, submit your application along with a $25 non refundable application fee

Step 5: Schedule more visits to come and spend time with the horse you are interested in while we process your application.

Step 6: Wait to hear back from us on the status of your application. (The process usually takes one week as long as we can get a hold of your various contacts.)

*You may need to come back more times to visit the horse you are interested in before being able to apply if FHHR Leadership deems it necessary to do so. Make sure to notify your references, vet, farrier, and equine dentist that we will be contacting them or it can hold up the adoption process.


We do periodic personal site checks on all our adopted and fostered horses, and we require multiple visits with a potential adopter, for that reason we require a 60 mile radius or one hourtravel time from our facility located in Southern Maryland.

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Providing a Foster Home