Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Donate for Itty, our western warrior. In October 2022, Itty was diagnosed with West Nile Virus and has been treated extensively by our veterinarians. He still needs help getting through this difficult time, and your donation will go  to his medical care. 

Donate for River, our bashful boy. River has breathing problems and EPM. We administer Ventipulmin as needed for his breathing issues and he receives Elevate plus Selenium supplements to prevent EPM relapse. Your donation will go towards  providing these supplements.

Donate for Apollo, our mellow man. Apollo has breathing issues and has trouble staying at a healthy weight. He receives Ventipulmin as needed for his breathing and extra supplements for weight management. Your donation will go towards providing these supplements. 

Donate for Benne, our gentle giant. Benne has Cushing's Disease which is an endocrine disorder. He receives Prascend tablets daily as treatment. Your donation will go towards providing this medication. 

​Other ways to support FHHR

Buy an item from out Amazon Wishlist and send our horses Christmas presents!

Sponsor Freedom Hill Horse Rescue for the 2023 calendar year. 

Donate for Delilah, our lovable lady. Delilah needs special shoes which cost $1,200 every year to keep her comfortable. Your donation will go towards her continued farrier care. 

Sponsor one of our horses through our Horse Angel Program. 

The moment a horse steps into Freedom Hill Horse Rescue, their whole life changes.

Be a part of that change: Help us continue our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home horses in need. There are many horses looking for a home and we are eager to offer our rehabilitation methods in order to save more lives. But we are also a sanctuary to our current horses, whose special needs require extra care to keep them comfortable and healthy.

When you donate to our Annual Appeal, you are helping support Freedom Hill Horse Rescue, our horses, our programs for Scouts, Wounded Warriors and Women's programs, and future efforts to save horses from slaughter, abandonment, or neglect. This year's goal is to raise $5,000 for our horses and efforts

Making spirits bright... 

Donate for Badger, our jolly jokester. Badger is currently being treated for Lyme's Disease which requires multiple vet visits and medications. Your donation will go towards his continued medical care. 

Thank You

Donate for Fiona, our faithful friend. Fiona is one of the oldest horses at FHHR. She recently underwent surgery to remove a sarcoidosis on her ear and received chemotherapy. Your donation will go towards covering the cost of this surgery.

Donate for Indy, our rambunctious rockstar.  This Off-The-Track Thoroughbred  has arthritis probably due to a previous injury and receives Cosequin supplements daily. Your donation will go towards providing these supplements.

Donate for Tuffy, our demure dame. Tuffy is one of our newest horses and requires training in order for her to be adoptable. Your donation will go towards providing her with expert training. 

Donate for Dawson, our one-eyed one-nder. Dawson is an older gentleman who requires extra food to keep his weight high and healthy. Your donation will go directly to providing Dawson the supplements he needs to maintain a healthy weight. 

Want to learn more? Head to the link below to learn more about each of our awesome horses.