Freedom Hill Horse Rescue


Part of FHHR's mission is to educate the public about quality horse care, good horsemanship skills, and safety around horses.
We offer several programs and clinics throughout the year for youth, adults, and families that include lectures (equine behavior, body language, anatomy, health, wellness, and safety) and hands-on activities with the horses. (groundwork, round pen, grooming, leading, horse handling, unmounted and mounted). An additional benefit of our educational programs includes equine industry history and the agricultural aspects of horse care and management. 

Horsemanship Badge Program - geared with scouts in mind, we fulfill the requirements of various scout badges, and will provide a handout listing what was covered in the class so that the troop leader can sign off and get the badge for the scout. We also discuss what an equine organization does. 

Group and Family Tours- Meet the horses, hear their stories, learn about their history, and learn what it takes on a daily basis to run a farm and a horse facility. If you would like to schedule a tour please feel free to 
contact us!

Volunteer Horsemanship Clinics - covers a variety of topics to improve horsemanship skills related to caring for, feeding, and handling our rescue horses as a volunteer.

Educational Programs