Help Us with Junior's Surgery

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Tuesday morning, June 26th, our little Junior had a tough time and got an impaction (a small ball of fat) in his intestines and despite quick thinking and proper recognition of a horse in distress and veterinary intervention at the barn, he needed to go to the vet hospital. It was discovered there that he had a strangulation in his intestines and needed surgery immediately. The team at Wolf Creek worked on him through the night into the wee hours of the next morning and removed the portion of damaged intestine and a small piece of bowel. The complicated surgery went well and he is in recovery, but his after care this next week is crucial to make sure he tolerates the surgery and doesn't get an infection or other complications. Please send good thoughts and prayers for Junior's speedy recovery. He's a tough little booger and we all love him very much!

As you can imagine, this is an unexpected expense. If you wish to donate specifically to his surgery and after care, you can do so through the "Donate" button below. Every little bit helps and is appreciated. Thank you!