Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Feed Shift Leaders

Jayme E

Danielle H, Co-Leader

Frederique D

Shannon B, Co-Leader

Kelly N

Alexis A, Co-Leader

Beth M

Dot S

Linda S, Co-Leader

Cathy H

Sharon F, Co-Leader

Lili S

Kim L, Co-Leader

Anna D

Erica D, Co-Leader

Leslie C, Co-Leader

Dawn W, Co-Leader

Heather R

Tammie F, Co-Leader

Emma C, Co-Leader

Kathleen S​

Diane H, Co-Leader

Julie G, Co-Leader

Alicia S

Bill T, Co-Leader

​Jeanette H

Larry S, Co-Leader

Amelia R, Co-Leader

Operational Teams

Anna Darden- Social Media & Assistant Director of Development and Communications, The Whinny and Quarterly Newsletter 

Julie Gallion- Horse Angel Network Coordinator

Lori Harrington- Financial Management & Barn Operations

Diane Hermann- Corporate and Restaurants Fundraisers

Cathy Hurley- Volunteer Coordinator & Orientation, Admin Assistant, and Barn Supplies Inventory Asst.

Terry Hurley- Farm Operations Manager

Beth Meader-  Director of Development Communications and Grants

Karen McMahon - Equine Assisted Programs Co-Lead

Ashley Phillips- Program and Events Coordinator

Kate Sheridan - Tack Team Lead

Alicia Sullivan- Website/Admin Assistant, Horse Health Care Lead, Tack Team and Horsemanship Team Co-Lead

Sarah Tilley - Equine Assisted Programs Co-Lead

Brenda Wesley - Tack Team Co-Lead

Leadership and Key Volunteers

Board of Directors

President, Lori Harrington

Vice President, Kate Sheridan 

Secretary, Beth Meader

Treasurer, Lori Harrington

Board Member, Terry Hurley

Advisory Member:

Melody Trecartin (Founder)