Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Feed Shift Leaders

Marisa Goldberg

Beth Meader

Kelly Gligorovic

Alexis Allen, Co-Leader

Dot Stein

Cathy Hurley

Shelby Cross

Carol Brady

Karen McMahon

David Chadwick

Valerie Caswell

Operational Teams

Shelby Cross, Barn Inventory/Management

Susan Fogleman, Social Media & Website

Shaun Gaundia, Programs Lead, Volunteer Orientation & Training

Lori Harrington, Financial Management

Cathy Hurley, Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator

Karen McMahon, Programs Lead

Beth Meader, Routine Care, The Whinny Newsletter, Grants Assistant

Sharon Most, Horse Owner Assistance

Megan O'Reilly, Adoption Assistant-Reference Checks

Rhonda Blackstone, Marketing Assistant/Newsletter

Terry Pennington, Horsemanship Team Management & Horse Owners Assistance

Diane Hermann, Horse Angel Sponsorship Program

Leadership and Key Volunteers

Board of Directors

President, Lori Harrington 

Vice President, Terry Pennington

Secretary, Beth Meader

Treasurer, Lori Harrington

Advisory Members:

Melody Parrish (Founder)