Delilah is a Quarter Horse mare born in 1997.  She is a beautiful cremello color with a possible champagne gene with green/blue eyes and stands at 15.2 hands.  Delilah was found abandoned along with four other horses and taken in by Freedom Hill Horse Rescue (FHHR) in early 2017.  She has rounded ears due to frostbite on the tips earlier in her life.   Delilah has past western riding experience.  Delilah can be boss mare in some herd situations but is an absolute sweetheart to ride.  She stands well for the vet, farrier and does well being trailered.  Delilah would be best suited for light riding.  She loves children!

Adoption Fee: $250

On-site foster: $200/month

​My Horse Angel Sponsor is the Carlson Family!


River is a very handsome 19 year old Tennessee Walker gelding standing at 16 hands with lots of trail and arena experience.  A very loving, soulful, and sensitive boy who deserves a special someone to love him back.  He was treated for EPM and Lymes in 2018 , and we can happily say he is currently doing very well and is asymptomatic.  He is being ridden and refreshed with groundwork weekly.

Adoption.Fee $300

​Currently being fostered on-site by two mom and daughter teams!

My horse angel sponsor is Diane H!


Kirby is a gorgeous paint mare born in 2007 who has extensive training in western pleasure riding.  She can side pass, work gates, go over bridges, water and through many obstacles.  She is very sweet and has good ground manners.  She was rescued from a starvation situation in 2014 and therefore needs to be fed separate from other horses so she can be relaxed about eating.



​​15 year old bay registered paint mare.  Can WTC and some trails and some jumping.  Healthy, sound and ready to go.  UTD on all vaccines, coggins, farrier. deworming and dentist.  She has had extensive natural horsemanship training both on the ground and riding.  Rider must be experienced enough to have light hands on her mouth and balanced or she will get frustrated.  She has participated in many of our equine assisted programs and will stand patiently. 


Our Horses

These horses are looking for their forever home. Once they find the perfect match, spaces will open up for more horses to live at the rescue.  If you are interested in meeting a specific horse, please contact us at 

Note: Horses may be adopted out within an approximate 60 mile radius of Dunkirk, MD. Horses are herd animals and need their own kind to live with.  Horses will not be adopted out to homes where they will be an only horse unless stated.

​​Dutiful Sun

Hi! My name is Dutiful Sun. I’m a registered quarter horse (Dude’s Rising Sun) but you can call me “D”.  I’m a very handsome Palomino Gelding and I stand at 15.1H. I was born in 1988. My owner mom passed away and I will be spending my golden years at FHHR with my new people that love me. I’m an older man now and have some arthritis in my front left foot and I have trouble picking up my hind legs. I can still walk and trot some. I can no longer jump and canter and play gymkhana games like I used to in my younger days. I sure make a beautiful pasture ornament now and enjoy attention from my humans. My temperament is rated at a 1 and I know that means I’m a very good boy!

Not Available for Adoption

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Dawson, born in 1994, is a 16hh Thoroughbred,  came to us in 2015 when he was retired from a rigorous lesson and jumping program.  Dawson has a wonderful temperament and has been a very willing partner in the Equine-Assisted Learning and educational programs at the rescue. He is a delight to ride, knows it all, has done it all.  He requires an intermediate level rider as he can get strong at the canter. He can W/T/C. Due to his previous years as a lesson horse, he would be best suited to a non-jumping home.  An occasional small fence is fine.  

Adoption Fee: $250.
Currently being fostered on site by Jaylee C!


Apollo is a 24 year old registered American Quarter Horse who has an extensive background in western shows and therapeutic riding programs.  FHHR rescued him in 2019, he received treatment for COPD and weight gain and is now doing very well.  He is exceptionally personable and is a great addition to our Equine Assisted Learning Programs.  He loves children and being fussed over.  A great riding partner.

Adoption Pending

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

​​​​Gold Story

Goldie is a lovely 11 year old stocky Bay TB mare standing 16.2 hands. She has been on trails and has arena experience, ridden English and western. She is sweet, loving and very willing to please, loads nicely, great for farrier, vet and dentist. She is a little apprehensive about shots though. Barefoot, UTD on coggins, all vaccines, dentist and deworming. She has minor swelling in her left hind leg, mostly around the fetlock, from lymphangitis that requires minor maintenance. The vet says that consistent moderate exercise will help keep the swelling down and that wrapping her leg when it does swell above the fetlock will control the inflammation. Goldie would be a wonderful trail or equitation horse.  Goldie is NOT able to jump and is not a good dressage candidate.  Temperament 3 out of 10.

Adoption Fee: $250

​My Bronze Horse Angel Sponsor is Sharon F!

Maggie & Roxie
Hi! I’m Maggie. The little brown pony, approximately 12H. I’m the lead mare here, so I will speak for both of us. Roxie is the white pony, approximately 14.2H. We came from the Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary. Our caregiver passed away, so now we are the (Thelma and Louise) of Freedom Hill Horse Rescue. We don’t know our breeds, but you know, it’s all about acceptance so it doesn’t matter anyway. We are both over 30 years old. I still have a little pep in my step and Roxie is a little slower. We both love attention and we are very good girls. Gentle and loving with soulful eyes. We just love to be fussed over. Because of our age, our teeth haven’t kept up with our spunky attitudes. Our hay needs to be shredded so we can eat properly. Since Roxie eats a little slower than me, I may go steal her food.

Currently at off-site foster home with Liz C.
Our Bronze Horse Angel Sponsor is Janice S!


Gabriel (Gabe) is a beautiful chestnut QH, born in 1997.  He has been trained in western pleasure riding and is a very safe, level headed guy.  He was rescued in 2017 from an abandoned case, was adopted in 2018 and returned to FHHR in January 2020 as his adopter could no longer care for him.  He can no longer do spins and sliding stops but he can be a great riding partner you can relax with and enjoy.  He is very expressive and comical.

Adoption Pending