Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Maggie & Roxie

Hi! I’m Maggie. The little brown pony, approximately 12H. I’m the lead mare here, so I will speak for both of us. Roxie is the white pony, approximately 14.2H. We came from the Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary. Our caregiver passed away, so now we are the (Thelma and Louise) of Freedom Hill Horse Rescue. We don’t know our breeds, but you know, it’s all about acceptance so it doesn’t matter anyway. We are both over 30 years old. I still have a little pep in my step and Roxie is a little slower. We both love attention and we are very good girls. Gentle and loving with soulful eyes. We just love to be fussed over. Because of our age, our teeth haven’t kept up with our spunky attitudes. Our hay needs to be shredded so we can eat properly. Since Roxie eats a little slower than me, I may go steal her food. Our new caregivers are keeping an eye on me so Roxie will put on more weight.

Both are seeking Horse Angel Sponsors.


Junior is an adorable 13h Welsh pony, born in 1994.  He came to us as an owner surrender in 2015 with Romeo (below).  Junior is a fun push-button pony who has extensive show experience.  He suffers from PPID and chronic founder so must be kept off grass.  He can be ridden lightly by a lighter rider if his feet are feeling okay.   Junior knows natural horsemanship.  He also knows his manners and will mind them unless he suspects he is dealing with an inexperienced handler.  He is very much loved at FHHR and is very smart!  Junior is available for adoption. 

Adoption Fee: $150 - Negotiable to the right home.
Available for on site foster ($200/month) or off site foster (no fee).
My Horse Angel Bronze Sponsor is Susan Fogleman!


Delilah is a sweet 20 yr old QH, cremello coloring, with possible champagne gene.  Green/blue eyes. Rounded ears due to frostbite tips earlier in her life. Has western riding experience. Diagnosed in June with EPM, treated and is now cleared and showing no signs. Arthritis which can be managed with proper treatment. Needs sunblock and fly mask with nose cover due to her fair skin and pink muzzle. Only light riding.  Delilah came to FHHR from a neglect abandonment situation. She  was a bit standoff at first but has since come around and loves to be groomed and loved on. Can be boss mare in some herd situations. Stands well for vet, Farrier, loads etc. UTD on all shots, Coggins, farrier and dentistry.

My Horse Angel Bronze Sponsor is Kathy Sherbert!


Brocca is a 30+ yo, Standardbred gelding, standing at 16 hands. He was pulled from an auction in 2008. He leads, ties, and stands for the vet and farrier. He has Cushings Disease and will need to be treated with medication for the remainder of his life. He was recently diagnosed with EPM, but has been treated and is no longer showing any ill effects. He is enjoying his  retirement. Once you know him, you will see a big, sweet guy under a "grumpy old man" exterior. For his age, Brocca still has quite a pep in his step.

Not Available for Adoption.
My Horse Angel Bronze Sponsor is Diane Hermann!

Tiny Timmy

Hi! My name is Timmy. Pretty cute name for a girl, huh? I was born in 2005. I am a Dark Bay Thoroughbred, 14.2H Mare. I am registered with the Jockey Club as Tiny Timmy. I am a surviving twin with orthopedic complications from being crushed and malpositioned in the womb. I cannot be ridden and I have difficulty moving and raising my feet. I’m in pretty good shape and my humans tell me I am as sweet as can be. I have to take lots of medications to keep me comfortable. My owner mom passed away, so I will be spending the rest of my days with FHHR to be well cared for.

Not Available for Adoption

My Horse Angel Bronze Sponsor is Diane Hermann!

Adoption Fee: $150 - Negotiable to the right home.
Available for on site foster ($200/month)
or off site foster (no fee).
Seeking a Horse Angel Sponsor for 2017


Romeo, born in 2004, is a very handsome Welsh Cross gelding standing at 14.3 hands. He is an owner surrender that came to us in 2015 with Junior (above).  Romeo has a genetic degenerative suspensory disease.  This disease is stable and light regular exercise by a lighter rider would be good for Romeo.  Romeo is well trained under saddle, stands still at the mounting block, and is a lot of fun to be around.  He is a very sweet boy who is still looking for his home!

Dutiful Sun

Hi! My name is Dutiful Sun. I’m a registered quarter horse (Dude’s Rising Sun) but you can call me “D”.  I’m a very handsome Palomino Gelding and I stand at 15.1H. I was born in 1988. My owner mom passed away and I will be spending my golden years at FHHR with my new people that love me. I’m an older man now and have some arthritis in my front left foot and I have trouble picking up my hind legs. I can still walk and trot some. I can no longer jump and canter and play gymkhana games like I used to in my younger days. I sure make a beautiful pasture ornament now and enjoy attention from my humans. My temperament is rated at a 1 and I know that means I’m a very good boy!

Not Available for Adoption

My Horse Angel Bronze Sponsor is Janet Lehman!


Dawson, born in 1994, is a 16hh Thoroughbred, a former lesson horse that came to us in 2015 when he was retired from a rigorous lesson and jumping program.  Dawson has a wonderful temperament and has been a very willing partner in the Equine-Assisted Learning and educational programs at the rescue. He is a delight to ride, knows it all, has done it all.  He requires an intermediate level rider as he can get strong at the canter. He can W/T/C. Due to his previous years as a lesson horse, he would be best suited to a non-jumping home.  An occasional small fence is fine.  He is currently on rice bran and alfalfa pellets to increase his weight but is otherwise very healthy!

Adoption Fee: $250
Available for on site foster ($200/month) or off site foster (no fee).
Seeking a Horse Angel Sponsor for 2017


Gabriel 20 yr old QH chestnut with white blaze and stocking with past extensive western show  experience, neck reins. Can be ridden lightly with proper treatment for on and off lameness due to arthritis. Currently on Previcox. Gabriel was abandoned with a few other horses and was taken in by FHHR in early 2017. He will follow you everywhere. He gets a little anxious at feeding time and paws the ground due to past neglect. Needs to be fed alone in a stall for a calm eating experience. Good for vet Farrier dentist, grooming, tying and trailering.Up to date on all shots, Coggins, Farrier and dentistry.

Currently at an off-site foster home.

Our Horses

​These horses are looking for their forever home. Once they find the perfect match, spaces will open up for more horses to live at the rescue.  If you are interested in meeting a specific horse, please contact us at Also take a look at our page of owned horses that are available for adoption.