Freedom Hill Horse Rescue


FHHR has over  115 volunteers that make it possible to help our horses help people and be free to live again!.

After you have submitted your information, please make your sponsorship donation through the Donate button on the right.

Would you like to become a Sponsor?!

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue is seeking sponsors for the 2022 year and the yearly beer, wine, and spirits festival, Spirits and Steeds. The following pages list the levels of sponsorship which can be met by your business. In return for your generosity, listed are the various forms of advertising which will be provided to your business.

Your sponsorship will be used in the following ways...

~ Provide medical care for our horses
~ Build funds for feed and hay
~ Create events to engage the local community
~ Rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses in need

​~ Educate the public on animal rights issues

~ Ensure the longevity of FHHR and promote its mission

You can also find out more about the levels of sponsorship in this packet. If you are ready to become a sponsor feel free to fill out the form below or if you prefer to send a check please feel free to print out the packet and fill out the form on the last page. We can not thank you enough for your consideration and pledge the horses of Freedom Hill Horse Rescue!

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue is grateful for the support of many individuals, businesses, and organizations. Without the financial commitment of our generous supporters, we would not be able to rescue horses in need.

We Love our Supporters! The Horses Thank You Too!