Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Sir Magic
Sir Magic was born in 1998.  He is a 16 hands high, off-the-track thoroughbred dark bay gelding. He was surrendered to FHHR in the Spring of 2024 by his former owners. He has a history of racing and even won some awards! Sir is a very mellow man who loves meeting new friends and eating lots of hay. We are currently working to put some weight back on him before he will be used in our events and programs.

​Sanctuary Horse

Sir Magic has no Horse Angel Sponsors or Fosters at this time. If you'd like to be his sponsor or foster, please email us at or head to our sponsors and fosters page!

Dawson was born in 1994. He is a Thoroughbred gelding standing at 15.1 hands high. Dawson came to FHHR in 2015 after he retired from a rigorous lesson and jumping program. He has a wonderful temperament and has been a very willing partner in many of our Equine Assisted Learning Programs and events. In 2021, our veterinarians decided it would be best to remove his left eye. He has adjusted quite well to the change! Visitors may notice that Dawson is a little thinner than our other horses. Due to his age, Dawson's teeth have become very worn down and he has trouble chewing grass and hay. To keep him at a healthy weight, volunteers feed Dawons three full meals a day. This has kept his weigh steady and his figure full. 

Sanctuary Horse

Horse Angel Sponsors: Alex and Brandon P; Kendra E.

Apollo was born in 1996. He is a Registered American Quarterhorse standing at 15.1 hands high. He has an extensive background in western shows and therapeutic riding programs. Apollo has seasonal allergies and COPD. We monitor his breathing and give him the necessary medication as needed whenever the heat, dust, etc. bother him. Apollo is a very sweet horse who loves having a job to do. He is gentle and enjoys working with scouts in our Horsemanship Badge Days.

Sanctuary Horse ​
Horse Angel Sponsor: Sharon F. and Gail Y.


​​Badger was born in 2004. He stands at 14.2 hands high, and is a chestnut and white paint gelding, with a bald face.  Badger is a former trail horse and kid's "pony." Before he came to FHHR, Badger was diagnosed with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) and Lyme Disease. His former owners could not afford his treatment and they surrendered him to FHHR. Visitors may notice his wobbly gait which is a result of having EPM for an extensive period of time. Today, Badger is doing well and is no longer showing signs of either disease. Badger is a funny, little guy who has an amazing side-eye. 

Sanctuary Horse

Horse Angel Sponsors: Janet L., and Anthony G/Corrita J.

​On-Site Foster: Danielle H. 

River was born in 2005. He is a Tennessee Walker gelding standing at 15.3 hands high. He arrived at the rescue in 2010 with five other horses, including his half-brother and former FHHR horse, Mickey Blue, who came from a neglect and hoarding situation. In 2018, River was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). He was successfully treated for both diseases and currently shows no signs of either. He is a very soulful horse who enjoys snuggling and getting attention from volunteers and visitors. 

​Sanctuary Horse
Currently being fostered on-site by Emma C.
Horse Angel Sponsors: Rachel D. and Sandy C.

Sanctuary Horses

These horses are our permanent residents due to age, chronic illness and/or lameness and will stay with us at Freedom Hill Horse Rescue to live our their golden years. We do not come to that decision lightly but we feel it is in the horses' best interests.

Our sanctuary horses are all looking for loving Horse Angels to sponsor them or even be an on-site/off-site foster!  


Delilah was born in 1996. She is a Quarter Horse Mare standing at 15 hands high. She has cremello coloring and a possible champagne gene with green/blue eyes. Delilah was found abandoned along with four other horses and taken in by FHHR in 2017. Her iconic round ears are the result of having suffered from frostbite long before she came to the rescue. Delilah has arthritis and navicular issues. To keep her comfortable, she receives Previcox (an anti-inflammatory) daily and wears special "high-heel" shoes. Delilah is a sweet lady who enjoys taking a nap at all times of the day. 

Sanctuary Horse 

On-Site Fosters: Anna D. and Beth M.
Horse Angel Sponsors: Marcie S. and Kristen and Jillian G.