Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

We believe that it is important to empower our volunteers, educate them about the world of horses, increase their knowledge and understanding about horse behavior and psychology, and enhance their horsemanship skills so that they can be their very best and do their very best while they assist us in taking care of the horses each day.

Because we do not have a paid staff, we rely heavily on our volunteers to take care of the horses on a day to day basis. When issues or accidents arise, we want our volunteers to be knowledgeable and capable of addressing those situations as they come up until someone in leadership can get to the rescue to take care of the situation.

Our volunteers are so dedicated to the horses and to the rescue, that we want to make sure that we do our part to empower them and educate them. Many volunteers come to us with either no horse experience or very little horse experience, while others come to us as very seasoned in the world of horses. No matter what each volunteers skill level is, there are always things to learn. 

We offer monthly group Volunteer Training usually on the first Saturday of each month, and we even work with our volunteers one on one as needed to help each person grow in their skills and knowledge.

We are happy to empower and educate our volunteers so that they can learn, grow, and reach their full potential as a part of the Freedom Hill Horse Rescue family!

Volunteer Training