What if I can't keep my horse?  

Can I donate my horse to Freedom Hill Horse Rescue?

Note: When you click "Submit" the form should disappear and you will get a "Thank you" message at the top of the page. If the form does not submit, please check that you have not left any required fields blank. Required fields have a red asterisk (*) next to them.

You may also fill out this form via Google Docs and email or mail it to us directly. Thank you!

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue is a 100% volunteer run organization with limited space for equines. We are currently FULL. We will do our best to assist owners with caring for their horse temporarily or find direct placement (another home) by creating an advertisement for horses in cases where an owner can no longer care for a horse. Those ads can then be shared by friends and volunteers to better get the word out about the need. However, there is no guarantee that the advertisement will be successful, and we are unable to provide much assistance beyond this.

Freedom Hill assumes no responsibility for the animal, we only assist with temporary needs and placement. This is also not a way to sell your horse. If you are using us to help find a new home your animal, it is assumed that you will not charge any potential adopters.

If you wish to keep your horse, but are seeking temporary assistance, please understand that limited funds are available and approval will be on a case by case basis.

To obtain assistance in caring for or rehoming your horse, please fill out the below form.  Be as honest as possible so that we can help find the best fit for the horse. Hit "Submit" only when you have completed the form. Thank you.