Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

We welcome individuals with horse experience, but we provide Volunteer Training to volunteers with little to no horse experience. We strive to empower our volunteers by helping them develop their horsemanship skills through training, clinics and sharing various articles with them on our volunteer only Facebook group page, FHHR Volunteers.

The horses that we bring into the rescue depend on us to help them through this new chapter in their life, and we owe it to them to provide them with the best quality care that we possibly can. We believe that they deserve our very best, and we hope to have volunteers that will go the extra mile to ensure that they are truly "Free to Live Again!"

You will be required to attend a New Volunteer Orientation, and we encourage to attend our free training clinics to grow your skill and comfort with the horses.

Please print out the Volunteer Registration Form and the FHHR Equine Liability Waiver, complete both documents, and bring them with you, or we will provide them for you at the New Volunteer Orientation, which is normally held the first Saturday of each month from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.
You can contact the Freedom Hill Volunteer Coordinator at to schedule your orientation.

We could not do all that we do without the help of our incredible volunteers! We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. Each and every volunteer that comes our way is truly valuable to our organization, and we appreciate all of the hardwork and effort that volunteers give to us freely on a daily basis.

We are always in need of individuals who are passionate, hardworking, motivated, dedicated, and dependable to lend us a helping hand with feed shifts, grooming, horse care, riding and training, events, barn projects and more.

Ciara & Louise 119
Beth Meader 116
Jeanette Hughes 115
Amanda Bowen 114
Steve Moscati 114
Manuela Hudson 113
Ulla / Hannah Dean 112
Lori Harrington 108
Margaret White 104
Kelly Brazeau 102

The 100 Muck Club is a group of volunteers who have completed at least 100 feed shifts since June 2013.  New members are recognized each year. This group really knows how to get dirty!

Our Volunteers Rock!

*  Recipient of the Muck Master Award for completing the most feed shifts in 12 months 


Cathy Hurley

Carol Brady

Dot Stein 250*
Cathy Hurley  204
Terry Hurley  172
Lexi Mason  136
Cheri Carter 309*
Jennifer Purcell 300
Summer & Beth 295*

Kelly Norton 253
Heidi May 161
Tina Woodbury 159
Michelle Trott 155
The Woodards 142
Kristy Alvarez 141
Valerie Caswell 140
Anna D 139
Shirley Doyle 125
Ann Looker  119